Premiere of “Precarious Moves” by Michael Turinksy postponed to Jan. 2021

photo: Michael Loizenbauer

The planned premiere for this new solo work Precarious Moves by Michael Turinsky in May 2020 was moved to January 7th 2021 at Tanzquartier Wien. This work is co-produced by HAU – Hebbel am Ufer and Tanzquartier Wien. This way 2021 will become a dense year rotating around the issue of mobility and mobilisation, with both this solo project and the group project CLINAMEN involving several residencies and working sessions, as well as a discursive format, which will end in a stage work/premiere towards the end of 2021.
CLINAMEN is still in the planning phase and looking for potential partners and institutions.


How does a body set itself in motion where the relationship between the body and what surrounds it appears to be a fundamentally precarious, vulnerable relationship, a relationship that is all too easily thrown off balance and in which we encounter many a limit? In “Precarious Moves” Michael Turinsky continues his investigation of resistive gestures by designing choreo-political aesthetics. At the centre of this solo, which is as much biographical as it is conceptual, is the questioning of his own personal as well as urgent collective needs and necessities with regard to mobility and mobilisation. Based on the experience of physical disability, Turinsky once again ties in with the concept of Crip Time, in a (re)desire against the dictates of fitting bodies into the systemic regimes of the hegemonic mobility and mobilization cultures found there. Oscillating between the organic and the organized, “Precarious Moves” unfolds as an exploration of the strange loop that connects the body with the sensual world through which it moves.

concept/ choreography/ performance Michael Turinsky
music Tian Rotteveel
stage Jenny Schleif
dramaturgical advice Gabrielle Cram
production management Angela Vadori//
production Verein für Philosophische Praxis
coproduction Tanzquartier Wien, Hebbel am Ufer Berlin