“PROHIBITED FRUITS” (working titel) Teresa Vittuccis new piece premieres Feb. 2021

Peter Paul Rubens – “The Paradise”

We are happy to announce, that Teresa Vittucci will premiere her newest collaboration PROHIBITED FRUITS with Sound- and Performance artist Colin Self at Tanzhaus Zürich in Feb. 2021!

After the performance HATE ME, TENDER, which premiered at ImPulsTanz 2019 in frame of 8:tension, an examination of Teresa Vittucci with the biblical figuration of the Virgin Mary, comes PROHIBITED FRUITS, which deals with the second great archetypal female figure of the Bible. A figure that was decisive for the position of women in all Christian-Jewish and Abrahamic societies: Eve.

According to the biblical narrative, Eve was created by God from Adam’s rib/side and in the reception of the West she, woman, was weak because she succumbed to the seduction of the serpent and ate from the tree of knowledge. This is the basis for the inequality and selfesteem of woman that has been going on for thousands of years. Eve is a figure of shame, because thanks to her choices people realize that they are naked and that they must be ashamed of their bodies. But what role does she also play in the cognition of the body?

Teresa Vittucci, wants to take a humorous look at this female figure. In her work she wants to explore the tension between patriarchy and female figurations, but also the relationship between knowledge and responsibility, in a duet with the composer and musician Colin Self.
The central questions explored in dance, language and sound are burning current issues, such as the provocative potential of the demand for women’s equality, the collective social blind spots in regard of the central themes of our times and a disturbing nostalgia for the paradise of the past, which makes it difficult to approach topicality objectively. For the recognition of nudity is irreversible and there is no going back to the paradise of ignorance.

Rehearsals for this piece will start with Aug. 2020 and will take place in Berlin, Bern and Zurich with occasional open rehearsal possibilities and work in progress showings. Please get in touch with GROUNDWORKERS, if you like to stay informed in this regard.

Rehearsals at Sophiensaele Berlin end Aug. – mid Sept
work in progress showing at Dampfzentrale Bern 23.09.2020
Premiere at Tanzhaus Zurich 24.02.2021
following shows 25./ 26.02.2021

choreography/ performance Teresa Vittucci
live sound/ performance Colin Self
stage/ costume design Anna Wohlgemuth
dramaturgical advice Benjamin Egger
production management Kira Koplin // groundworkers.at
production OH DEAR! Zürich, OH DEAR productions
coproduction Tanzhaus Zürich, Sophiensaele Berlin, WUK Wien, Arsenic Lausanne, Théâtre Saint-Gervais Genève