watch Christine Gaiggs “(untitled) look, look, come closer” online in full length

While the media and social media currently know only one crisis – Covid-19 and its consequences – other trouble spots seem even further away, which doesn´t mean they will pause:
“We carry the war in our trouser pockets, where our mobile phones are – constantly” was the starting point of “untitled (look, look, come closer)”, premiered at ImPulsTanz 2015 and invited to the Impulse Theater Festival 2016. With analogue means, calmly and without any hurry, five performers reproduce video material collected from the world wide web. Accompanied by the raw, loud music of Klaus Schedl, the pictures and places they create onto four, huge enlightened tables, seem to open up a different perspective on the images of terror and violence, that we are daily witnesses to.

concept/ text Christine Gaigg
performance Alexander Deutinger, Marta Navaridas, Frans Poelstra, Robert Steijn, Juliane Werner
composition Klaus Schedl
set design Nora Scheidl
sound design Paolo Mariangeli
light design Norbert Joachim
dramaturgical advice Wolfgang Reiter
production management Eva Trötzmüller / art:phalanx
photo/ video Raphael Brand

production 2nd nature
coproduction Museum 21er Haus, ImPulsTanz Festival
premiere 12.08.2015

2nd nature is supported by MA7 Kulturamt der Stadt Wien