Naïma Mazic // n ï m company – PoLy-Flexion, a film re-performing feminine diagonals

(How) do diagonals – created between and by body parts – perform femininity? Slanted looks, tilted heads, twisted bodies; I question an imposition of diagonal lines on the female body that might represent the projection, eroticization and fetishization of a desired strangeness, a mystified seductiveness. Through performance studies research, choreographic analysis, polyrhythmic structures and dance practice, I want to reclaim the gesture of feminine diagonals; embody them, own them, transform them. I want to queer these deciphered lines, giving them the chance to perform through any body, to re-orient our lines of sight across identity and to recognize, as said by Audre Lorde, “the erotic as power”.

*Haltung* in German means both, posture and attitude.
*quer* in German means diagonally, crosswise.

by and with Naïma Mazic, Lola Durbigny, Daniel Rodier, David Czinczoll
supported by K3 Tanzplan Hamburg and ACFNY

Film presentation and Artist Talk will be accessible online only:
FEST LIVING AWAY NYC, 20th – 26th of July 2020.

For their new production “Poly-Mirrors”, Naïma Mazic and n ï m company recently received fundings through the city of Vienna and will start rehearsing form autumn 2020 in Vienna, Berlin and Amsterdam.
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