n ï m – company is live-streaming from the Studio

Naïma Mazic and her company n ï m who are currently rehearsing for their upcoming production “PoLy-Mirrors” (Premiere: 19.03.2021 – brut Wien) at Lake Studios Berlin, have decided to present to you some live-stream material from the studio.

Live-Stream: „PoLy-Mirrors“ 15.00 – 18.00h – Vimeo

we gave this stream a more durational frame for you to zap in and out as you like.
From 15-17h they will follow their daily routine, focussing on clarifying and repeating single parts of the material. 17.00 – 18.00h they will try to have a summary of the whole set of material they have been working on for the last two week.
During the stream there will be the possiblity to engage through a live chat option. Please feel free to comment, share thoughts, questions or feedback!

meet the artist: 18.10 – 19.00h – Zoom
Kenncode: 7eNW83

With 18.15h we want to invite you to come together in a small “meet the artist” via zoom. Naïma and the company will be talking a bit on the company, their methods and context, but mostly we are interested in your input and in finding new ways of connecting and exchanging even when not being able to travel, tour or meet in person. 

Live-stream Cast “PoLy-Mirrors: a re-performance of feminine diagonals“
choreography by: Naïma Mazic
performance by: Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart, Kelvin Kilonzo
internship: Lucie Piot
music by: Elias Stemeseder, Evi Filippou
production: more2rhythm
co-production: BRUT Wien
production management: GROUNDWORKERS // Kira Koplin

funded through MA7 Wien, this piece will be developed between September 2020 and January 2021 in Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg. Residencies and showings so far: 03/ 2018 Le Regard du Cygne Paris, 05/ 2019 workSpaceBrussels/ Theater Les Brigittines, 07/ 2019 ImPulsTanz Wien

The Solo-Research „PoLy-Flexion“ premiered as a movie on 20th – 26th July at Fest Living Away NYC 2020 and has been part of K3 Kampnagel Hamburgs digital program Trailer / Full Movie