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Maybe the way you made love twenty years ago is the answer?

Photo: Raphael Brand


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Christine Gaigg

is a freelance choreographer (2nd nature), director and author living and working in Vienna. She studied philosophy at the Vienna University and contemporary dance and choreography at SNDO Amsterdam.

Her early works in the 1990’s dealt with socio-political subjects, an approach which she is currently reviving with a specific documentary format she calls “performance essay”. In between, in the early 2000’s, she dedicated herself to structural choreography, developing a loop grammar with the composer Bernhard Lang. Her current works are inspired by events receiving heavy media attention, such as the incarceration of Pussy Riot, the attack on the LGBT club Pulse in Orlando or the debate about Julien Assange. Like a red thread, society’s treatment of sexuality is a recurrent theme in her work. Here, she tries working with different, partially experimental formats in order to inspire intense discourses – examples include the space for intimate experiences she created in MEET or the revealing essay Maybe the way you made love twenty years ago is the answer?

Collaborations with Composers: Max Nagl – Sacre Material (2000, Austrian dance-production award), ADEBAR/KUBELKA (2003, in cooperation with film festival Viennale); Bernhard Lang – the TRIKE-Series (2004-2009, Kaitheater Brüssel, musikprotokoll, Tanzquartier Wien, Theater am Neumarkt Zürich), Maschinenhalle#1 (opening steirischer herbst 2010); Bernhard Gander and Klangforum Wien – Seven Cuts (2011, ImPulsTanz)
Directing: Über Tiere by Elfriede Jelinek (2007, Theater am Neumarkt Zürich); Wenn die Kinder Steine ins Wasser werfen by Xaver Bayer (2012, Schauspielhaus Wien)
Performance Essays: DeSacre! Pussy Riot meets Vaslav Nijinsky (2013) Tanzquartier Wien, Josephskapelle; Maybe the way you made love twenty years ago is the answer? (2014) steirischer herbst and new version (2018) Tanzquartier Wien; untitled (look, look, come closer) ImPulsTanz 2015, Impulse Theater Festival Düsseldorf 2016, CLASH (2016) and MEET (2018) a space for intimate encounters, Tanzquartier Wien and ImPulsTanz

Maybe the way you made love twenty years ago is the answer?, MEET and Affair form a triology about sexuality and intimacy. Like DeSacre! Pussy Riot meets Vaslav Nijinsky (2013), untitled (look, look, come closer) (2015) about the manufacture of war images, and CLASH (2016) about the outsourcing of self-hatred and homophobia, these pieces are “Performance Essays”. Christine Gaigg has invented this genre to describe her performative works criticizing ideology, which combine physical and emotional elements with analytical reflection.