Once upon a time desire was a compliment …
…yet today we tend to interpret desire as a threat. In the times of the sexual revolution , the call was for: freedom! Political freedom, free sexuality and self-determination were all part of the same package. Today, on the other hand – parallel to the evocation of over-sexualisation by media – hysterical debates and detailed regimentation define our relationship with love.

In 2014, Christine Gaigg presented Maybe the way you made love twenty years ago is the answer? – a performance essay starting from a radical subjective position, choreographed in line with somatic dance practice, from personal memories and observations on the role of sexuality in society, it was a manifest written from the point of view of a beneficiary of the sexual revolution. The pertinent hot topics in the media at the time were, among others: #aufschrei, Julian Assange, Swedish legislation on sex offences and the bottom-up censoring of art at US American universities.
The new version of 2018 provides an opportunity to perceive Maybe the way you made love twenty years ago is the answer? as a historical document as well as a starting point to investigate the recent shifts in social norms, e.g. the #metoo debate.

The performance essay is fueled by two processes, both deliberately imperfect and conceptually stripping bare: There is Gaigg’s text, fragmented in the style of diary entries, opening the differences between forty to twenty years ago and today. At the same time the dancers Adriana Cubides, Anna Prokopová, Florian Lenz and Petr Ochvat improvise an erotic act. They thus expand the vocabulary of contemporary dance with subtle energetic states and sporadic moments which are generally ascribed to pornography. The performance is like a tightrope walk. The dancer’s scene continuously changes its direction, at times countering or underlining the words, oscillating between restraint and free flow of erotiscism, between the explicit and holding in suspense, culminating in ecstasy.


concept / choreography / text Christine Gaigg
performance Adriana Cubides, Christine Gaigg, Florian Lenz, Petr Ochvat, Anna Prokopová
dramaturgical advice Wolfgang Reiter
sound design Florian Bogner
stage / light design Philipp Harnoncourt
costume Dorothea Nicolai
production 2nd nature
coproduction steirischer herbst and Tanzquartier Wien

2nd nature is supported by MA7 Kulturamt der Stadt Wien