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“Christine Gaigg opens her room at Vienna’s Tanzquartier, inviting up to ten guests in five slots. Before entering, there is a short introduction communicating the basic rules, and all mobile phones are collected. Then there is a brief relaxation exercise before the participants are led one by one into ‘Christine’s Room’, as the separate, enclosed space on stage is called.

The performer lies naked on a kind of bed in the centre of the small room, and gradually we all find a place on the many kinds of seating. The rules of the game quickly become obvious. Anything goes, but nothing is a must. There are no names here, only ‘you’, and there is always room for ‘no’.
The event is open-ended: whatever happens is entirely up to the group and its willingness. […] The performance presents the quintessence of several years of studies by the dancer Christine Gaigg / 2nd nature about the connection between sexuality and society; it is an experimental space toying with intimacy. Despite Gaigg’s striking nudity, the piece focuses less on sexuality, but rather creates actual closeness between strangers within the protected space of the theatre.
The result is an encounter which engenders nervousness, excitement or stimulation, or even recoil; in any case, it is moving. The playful and unprejudiced treatment of sexuality also enables a multi-faceted exploration of the subject. The encounter takes place at the theatre, but has a long-term effect, carrying over into daily life.”
– pw-Magazine, Wera Hippersroither

“The topic I raised in Maybe the way you made love twenty years ago is the answer? is taken further in MEET: more condensed, open and as a sensory experience. In line with Peter Kubelka’s observation that socially outmoded concepts emigrate to a sphere of their own – to haute cuisine when people didn’t have the time to cook anymore; to sports when they no longer had to do physical work – I provide a sanctuary in the theatre space to erotic encounters, which are being increasingly banished from everyday interaction.
In an intimate setting with only a few visitors each I put forward erotic, magical or sexual moments. MEET zooms into intimate conditions, to where emotion and imposition, demands and insistence, embarrassment and self-possession establish erotic aura.”
– Christine Gaigg


concept / text Christine Gaigg
performance Christine Gaigg and guests
introduction Frans Poelstra
room- / light design Philipp Harnoncourt
costume Dorothea Nicolai
sound design Peter Plessas
production 2nd nature
coproduction Tanzquartier Wien

2nd nature is supported by MA 7 Kulturamt der Stadt Wien