Photo: eSeL
Photo: eSeL
Photo: eSeL

Our “post-erotic” times have seen the acceptance of sexual practices that had previously been deemed unseemly, they have enabled us to enjoy and explore sexuality freely, they have presented us with different relationship constellations and they have changed our interactions through digital and virtual means. However, there remains to be one phenomenon societal discourses have not addressed yet: the fascination for the Affair. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, an Affair still encompasses all that is exciting and dangerous, secretive, vivacious and nonconformist, anomalous, thrilling and dark, impulsive, complicated and risky – in short: the untamed essence of the erotic. And yet, the phenomenon of the affair affects everyone.

Affair will thus try to fathom the various aspects of the affair, it will question the reasons for its allure and it will be dedicated to this “otherness of sexuality”, this special and profound nature.


text / choreography Christine Gaigg
choreography / performance Christine Gaigg, Robert Steijn, Juliane Werner, Frank Willens
dramaturgical advice Wolfgang Reiter
stage / light design Philipp Harnoncourt
costum Dorothea Nicolai
sound design Peter Plessas
production 2nd nature
coproduction Tanzquartier Wien

2nd nature is supported by MA7 Kulturamt der Stadt Wien