Photo: Daniue Putinas
Photo: Daniue Putinas
Photo: Daniue Putinas

What would be our common future if we start to consider ourselves as a specie?
What would be our new philosophy, our new institutions and laws?
How we will change our habits related to everyday life, food, energy, animals?
Which kind of emotions this new dance should express?

HIVE (beehive/community) is a project that focuses reflecting on the very essence of the human species. This time the imaginary painting is the famous painting by Michelangelo “La Sacra Famiglia” on which Marullo’s iconoclastic gestures lashes out to open up reflective dimensions that touch upon cosmogony, anthropology, sociology and movement. It is a choreographic picture that marks the end of the aera of Renaissance, whose vectors and looks, whose forces and twists of the bodies, try to capture that anguish loss of contact with the ground, with the Earth/Mother.

A cubic metal structure evolves in the stage space. It is a symbolic object in which it is possible to recognize the image of the hive, the web of human relations, the border between inside and outside; or an allegory of Power, Technique and Religion. The geometric shape is imposed as a totem creating a connection between the bodies of the dancers. These are catapulted into a conflictual dynamic where the internal disintegrating forces, carried by each member, are ready to take over and harm the very life of the holy family. HIVE stages a community that is facing the possibility of self- disintegration for the first time.

This performance is made to be presented in different spaces: normal stage or site specifics. It also appreciate the presence and participation of local communities that integrate the show after a short process of rehearsing.


concept / choreography / artistic direction Pietro Marullo
sound Jean Noel Boissé
light Ryoya Fudetani
sculptures / costumes Pietro Marullo, Diana Ciufo
scenic constructions Atelier Théatre Varia Bruxelles, Bertrand Nodet

performance Maria Barreto, Julia Eva Bondone, Ines Carijo, Franccois Delcambre, Paola Madrid Garcia, Vasco Pedro Merine
in alternance with Marianna Cifarelli, Adrien Desbons, Elda Gallo

production management Teresa Gentile
promotion Estelle Ruei Jen Wu
production INSIEME IRREALI abl

coproduced with Festival Oriente Occidente nell’ambito della “Vetrina delle idee” per produzioni culturali originali, Théâtre Varia de Bruxelles, La Coop asbl, Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles, WpZimmer, IF Barcelona Festival, Tax Schelter
with support of IntercettAzioni – Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia (un progetto di Circuito CLAPS e Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, Teatro delle Moire, Zona K), Sala Hiroshima of Barcelona, Wallonie-Bruxelles International
supported by Scenario Pubblico / Compagnia Roberto Zappala di Catania, Arts Printing House di Vilnius, Derida Stage Center di Sofia, Sala Hiroshima di Barcelona