WRECK@Bertrand Nodet_101

WRECK – List of extinct species, is an interdisciplinary performance mixing movement, sound and visual art around metaphoric figure of a shipwreck. A huge, black, soft plastic sculpture, inflated with air, moves through the space. This abstract object has a mysterious evocative power on its surrounding.
As it swallows up and spits out human beings, it could be considered an allegory to medieval narratives of Leviathans and deep sea monsters, maybe a metaphor of Capitalism, of todays humain conditions etc. Either way, the community on stage is facing a huge undefined catastrophe, which in the end will produce their own extinction.

The aim is to approach choreographic questions through different art fields and produce a new and original language: How to create movement with unanimated matter and how to petrify animated bodies. By inverting the relationship between a choir and its landscape, it is possible to write a partition for a soft sculpture, and through its manipulation, allow geometric forms to appear, which allow us to investigate new forms of presence of performers on stage.

This performance is made to be presented in different spaces: normal stage or site specifics, can be shown in a short version, with or without costume.
On demand it can be performed with local participants after a short process of rehearsing.


choreography/ artistic direction Pietro Marullo
sound Jean Noel Boissé
light Ryoya Fudetani
sculpture/ costume Pietro Marullo, Bertrand Nodet
performance Helena Araújo, Adrien Desbons, Paola die Bella, Noemi Knecht, Pola Madrid, Anais van Eycken
production INSIEME IRREALI abl

coproduced and supported by Festival Internazionale Danza Oriente Occidente, Rovereto – Italy, Museo MART di Rovereto e Trento, Théâtre Varia de Bruxelles – Belgium, La COOP asbl and Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Belgium, Ramdam art centre – France, CDC La Briqueterie de Paris – France, Théâtre Marni de Bruxelles – France, Tanzhaus Zürich – Switzerland
supported by Belgian Taxe Shelter, Wallonie-Bruxelles- International and CO.CO.F. de Belgique