We are an international production collective based in Vienna. Our aim is to provide professional working conditions in the field of scenic arts.

Kira Koplin

Kira Koplin completed her BA in Theatre-, Film- and Media Studies and the University of Vienna. During and after her studies she collcted a variety of work experiences as an assistant in the fields of dramaturgy, directing and production. Since 2017 she works as a freelance producer in the independent arts in Vienna. Founding member of groundworkers.

Simon Hajos

After studying communication sciences at the University of Vienna, he first worked for the PR agency Trimedia (today Grayling), then for the communication agency Trimedia (today Grayling), then for the communication agency Welldone. In 2006 he started working as a production manager for the contemporary dance company DANS.KIAS. Later he founded DIE KULTURPRODUKTION, with which he realised numerous projects in the areas of performance and theatre. He has since worked with numerous groups and individuals as a producitons manager and PR expert. In 2010, he graduated from the Education on Culture and Organization at the Institute for Cultural Concepts with a focus on sponsorship and project management. And in 2012, he completed a diploma course as a systemic coach for social and economic skills. Founding memeber of groundworkers.

Angela Vadori

Studied contemporary dance performance, Italian Philology, Philosophy, accounting, payroll accounting and is currently pursuing a degree in tax law and economics. Worked as a dance writer, freelance production manager, administrator and dramaturge consistently since 2010, with various projects dating back to 2004. Currently working part-time with SmartAustria. Founding member of groundworkers.